This fabric features an unusual combination of high strength with a large percentage of open area. It is woven in a basket weave from plasticized vinyl coated polyester yarn containing approximately 66% vinyl compound and 34% polyester. The light bonding of the coated yarns at the crossover points contributes to high tear resistance compared with dip-coated mesh.
Suitable for use where a durable, weather-resistant open weave fabric is required.

Hurricane-Mesh fabric is excellent for:
Heavy Duty Tarps
Wet Immersion Nets and Bags

Characteristics: 13 x 13 BW
Weave: 2 x 2 basket weave
Yarn Count: (number of ends per inch) Warp 13 Fill 13
Core Yarn: 1300 denier Polyester
Fabric Weight: 18 oz/sq yd
Tensile Strength: (ASTM D-1682 Grab Method) – Warp 340 lbs/inch
Fill 420 lbs/inch
Tear Strength: (ASTM D-2261 Tongue-Single Rip) – Warp 250 lbs
Fill 250 lbs
Caliper: (fabric thickness) 0.045-0.050 inch
Bursting Strength: 580 psi
Cold Crack: No cracking after 24 hours @ -40 degrees F, 2″ mandrel
UV Resistance: 1000 QUV exposure -slight color change
(ASTM G53)
% Open Area 30% (70% shade)
Other: Standard width 72″. Narrower widths available. Color as required.
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