Bo-Tuff fabrics are plain weave, open mesh fabrics comprised of 27% high tenacity polyester yarn and 73% flexible PVC coating and feature high strength with light weight.
Suitable for use where a durable, weather-resistant open weave fabric is required.


Truck Covers
Awning Liners
Shopping Bags
Indoor Tennis Court Dividers


9 x 9
10 x 10
11 x 11

Characteristics 9 x 9
Construction: 9 x 9 ends/inch
Coating: Flexible PVC
Core Yarn: 1000 denier Polyester
Fabric Weight: 7.4 – 7.9 oz/ sq yd
Tensile Strength: (ASTM D-1682) – Warp: 157 lbs/inch
Grab – Fill: 168 lbs/inch
Tear Strength: (ASTM D-2261) – 49.7 lbs warp
Tongue-single rip – 51.3 lbs fill
Mullen Burst Strength: (ASTM D-3786) – 285 lbs/sq in
Fire Retardancy: As required. Mill run fabric is self-extinguishing in horizontal burning mode. Increased fire retardancy can be supplied upon special order to meet specified tests.
Cold Crack: No cracking after 24 hours @ -40 degrees F, 2″ mandrel
Colors: Black
Others available on special order
Also: generic gray/black and in generic colors
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